Career Development Center

What is the role of the CDC at the university?
What does a CDC do, and what value does it add?

The CDC Mission:

Give students the skills, knowledge and connections they need to access and succeed in the professional world.

The CDC can fulfill this mission by pursuing several specific objectives:

A - Understand: help students identify their values, interests, personalities and skills, and understand how they fit the current demands of the job market.

B - Planning: Enable students to design and execute career plans that are fit for purpose.

C - Skills Building: Improve students' employability and civic engagement skills to help them be productive members.

D - Find opportunities and opportunities: Provide information to help students identify and access new job opportunities, internships and volunteering.

E - Networking and Learning: Provide students with the opportunity to meet with recruiters and potential employers, build their professional network and gain their first professional experience.